October 9, 2003

Failure, But Something Else, Too
I’ve given up on the server-side comment hosting for now. If you’re like me, though, the previous comment software let the text of your comments drift off the right side of the window and disappear. I didn’t like that. So now I’m using HaloScan. It’s cleaner, just as simple, and hopefully won’t displace the text on my page when the logo below fails to show.*

Yes, this means that all of the previous comments are more or less lost forever. So if you had said something wise and insightful, I hope you saved it for yourself.

Once again, I’m back to feeling like I’ve got twice as much work I’d like to do as I have time to do it. Yet, I’m still planning on buying two new Xbox games. How do I do it? Why? Agh.

*rhyme not intentional


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