October 1, 2003

Author Meme Lists
Here’s how this works. One person offers a list of ten authors whose work appears on that person’s bookshelf. The next person deletes those authors whose books don’t appear on their own bookshelf and replaces them with authors whose work does. Repeat, I imagine, ad nauseum.

I’m beginning with the list author and game designer Mike Mearls posted on his journal:

H.P. Lovecraft
Robert E. Howard
Clark Ashton Smith
Fritz Leiber
Gene Wolfe
Ursula LeGuin
Thomas Disch
Jack Vance
Harlan Ellison
Brian Aldiss

H.P. Lovecraft
John LeCarre
William Goldman
Fritz Leiber
Richard K. Morgan
William Gibson
Bill Bryson
A. Alvarez
J. Gregory Keyes
Mike Mignola

Your turn.


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