September 9, 2003

Complaints have begun to surface on the RPGnet forums and at Gaming Report about White Wolf Games Studio’s decision to defend its IP and set the essential precedent. I was going to write some sort of essay about how these people are not fans, how it’s sad that folks who claim to enjoy the work that White Wolf has done over the years turn their backs so quickly just so they can take advantage of an opportunity to be judgemental through ignorance. These people would like to be regarded as folks with valuable opinions, but I can only assume that their opinions are as flighty as their loyalty. They’ve been White Wolf customers for years, but now they insult and judge that company in favor of an endeavour which they have not yet seen, a movie that will come and go like any other movie in the span of a few weeks. They’d rather stand up and be counted as one in a faceless mass of ticket-buyers, where their opinion is hardly a chirp in the crowd. Counted, I should say, by a giant too far removed to notice them at all. It’s a damn shame.

Of course I continue to go and see what the forum groupies have to say. It’s like a car wreck, except that a car wreck is usually meaningful.


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