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September 24, 2003

It’s weeks like this I wonder what it is I’m good at. Gotta figure that out.


September 18, 2003

Can’t talk now. Busy. Just wanted to mention that Dork Tower went off to press today, complete with my card and package design. Blood of the Valiant is basically done, and leaves the office soon. Smuggler’s Run is close to done, but still frightfully incomplete. Now that I’m basically doing the whole damn book myself, I am becoming more and more terrified at how it will be received. I have no one but myself to blame.


September 12, 2003

English Director Casts Englishman as Dark Knight
Christian Bale is the next Batman, they tell me. Fine, then. I’ll give it a shot.


September 12, 2003

Something about sitting in a local cafe when it’s quiet, when it’s raining outside. Something about knowing that there’s still a lot of evening left ahead of you. Something about knowing there’s a lot of work to be done. I’ve got John William’s score for Catch Me If You Can on, and it’s turning out to be a quite a productive score to listen to. Tonight it’s lots and lots of work on all things Feng Shui. Then tomorrow I begin the finishing work on Dork 20, which I am delighted to be a part of. I hope the kids like it.

Tomorrow was going to be my wonderful screening of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, but now it’s looking like we’ll be seeing Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation. The trailer for this film was so handsome, so simply persuasive that I am eager to see it even with a flamenco church battle in theaters on the same day. Besides, it’s in the neighborhood where we’ll putting up flyers for the Erin McKeown show this October. If you haven’t given her newest album, Grand, a shot yet then you’re really missing out.

I think that’s enough for now. I told myself that I’d have to get to real work by 9pm, and that’s in two minutes as I write this. So, time’s a-wasting, I guess.

I wasn’t going to comment on the second anniversary of the attacks, but I do want to mention something. It sounds more and more like people relate to the tragedy as if it were some sort of natural disaster. I don’t know the significance (or the accuracy) of that notion, but there it is. What do you think?


September 9, 2003

Complaints have begun to surface on the RPGnet forums and at Gaming Report about White Wolf Games Studio’s decision to defend its IP and set the essential precedent. I was going to write some sort of essay about how these people are not fans, how it’s sad that folks who claim to enjoy the work that White Wolf has done over the years turn their backs so quickly just so they can take advantage of an opportunity to be judgemental through ignorance. These people would like to be regarded as folks with valuable opinions, but I can only assume that their opinions are as flighty as their loyalty. They’ve been White Wolf customers for years, but now they insult and judge that company in favor of an endeavour which they have not yet seen, a movie that will come and go like any other movie in the span of a few weeks. They’d rather stand up and be counted as one in a faceless mass of ticket-buyers, where their opinion is hardly a chirp in the crowd. Counted, I should say, by a giant too far removed to notice them at all. It’s a damn shame.

Of course I continue to go and see what the forum groupies have to say. It’s like a car wreck, except that a car wreck is usually meaningful.


September 5, 2003

Birthday Report
Best birthday in quite a while. Been playing Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb on my brand-new-to-me…wait for it…Xbox. Punching cartoon Nazis off cliffs: Priceless.

Anyway, still here, still busy. Blood of the Valiant looks good and is soon to go out. Kagan McLeod continues to deliver art that makes me giddy like a fanboy. I’ll drop some more names and associated links when books are closer to going out. In the meantime, tonight I finish (fingers crossed) Backdrops 2 and tomorrow I start a new game proposal that has me very excited. Don’t want to jinx it.

It’s not as good as Justin’s new game, though.

Noise: No one in the office but me.