August 27, 2003

Color Scheme
When I was struggling to come up with a new design for this blog, I sort of stumbled onto a color scheme that made me think of 1930s drab browns and greens. These colors actually came out of my scanner rather by accident, but I latched right onto them and came up with this faded off-white thing you see here. Maybe it’s a little to somber, but with all the bright and crazy websites, I like it. Besides, you’re only here for a few minutes at a time, right?

Anyway, I am delighted to report that this site’s color scheme is very similar to that of the menus on the Road to Perdition DVD. Not only is that a beautiful film, but it’s exactly the time period and aesthetic I was thinking of when I settled on this design for the Mill. I take a certain, uh, relief from this similarity in design.

Can I Spare A Quarter?
25 years-old today. I thought I’d go back and re-post what I was doing a year ago, but as it happens I didn’t blog on my birthday last year. Near as I can tell, I was watching Training Day, entertaining visitors from Chicago and the Twin Cities, unable to buy iced cream sandwiches, and not playing the lottery. All the same, this ability to go back and look is new and somewhat fascinating. If you’ve the time, please go have a look in last year’s archive yourself and compare. Click the comment button below to let me know what you think.

Yeah, the archives still look like hell but I’ve so much to do right now that I can’t begin to think about re-doing bad code from last year. Yeesh. And yet, maybe I’ll implement Jeff’s handsome CGI commentary script during West Wing tonight.


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