August 8, 2003

National Update Day

Several of the other blogs I read have been sitting idle since we all returned from Indianapolis, until today. So I thought I should jump on the bandwagon and update this one. Here’s what’s in the works: an all-new resume page, a name-change for this blog, a possible work-specific blog (just so I have one more thing I should be doing when I’m watching television), and the public release of this blog, with an all-new comments system that’s a bit more reliable, I hope. I wonder how much of that is something that I could get done tonight?


What a good show.

The Boondock Saints

Perhaps a splendid criminal violence character menagerie picture if it weren’t for the unamusing Funny Man. Damn, did I not enjoy that guy. Really got in the way of the movie for me. Couldn’t we have just learned more about the interesting Irish brothers? Willem Dafoe is already giving a ridiculous, over-the-top performance that works, why can’t we enjoy the relative subtlety of the titular brothers for comparison’s sake? Regardless, a fun film with maybe too many different voices. If word of a sequel is true, I’ll happily see it.

Noise: Brian Tyler’s Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune (the music in the Master and Commander trailer)


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