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August 27, 2003

Color Scheme
When I was struggling to come up with a new design for this blog, I sort of stumbled onto a color scheme that made me think of 1930s drab browns and greens. These colors actually came out of my scanner rather by accident, but I latched right onto them and came up with this faded off-white thing you see here. Maybe it’s a little to somber, but with all the bright and crazy websites, I like it. Besides, you’re only here for a few minutes at a time, right?

Anyway, I am delighted to report that this site’s color scheme is very similar to that of the menus on the Road to Perdition DVD. Not only is that a beautiful film, but it’s exactly the time period and aesthetic I was thinking of when I settled on this design for the Mill. I take a certain, uh, relief from this similarity in design.

Can I Spare A Quarter?
25 years-old today. I thought I’d go back and re-post what I was doing a year ago, but as it happens I didn’t blog on my birthday last year. Near as I can tell, I was watching Training Day, entertaining visitors from Chicago and the Twin Cities, unable to buy iced cream sandwiches, and not playing the lottery. All the same, this ability to go back and look is new and somewhat fascinating. If you’ve the time, please go have a look in last year’s archive yourself and compare. Click the comment button below to let me know what you think.

Yeah, the archives still look like hell but I’ve so much to do right now that I can’t begin to think about re-doing bad code from last year. Yeesh. And yet, maybe I’ll implement Jeff’s handsome CGI commentary script during West Wing tonight.


August 26, 2003

Remember the Pendulum?
I feel confident now that I will successfully complete the big assignment I have due in September because today or tomorrow I will be spending essentially all of the money from that assignment on another enormous automotive expense. This one is roughly double the previous, devastating expense and comes just when I was about to earn more money than I ever have before. Again.


August 26, 2003

Off the Road, Under the Mountain
My recent excursions into the lore of Middle-earth has me wanting to translate my return from Zach and Jessie’s wedding into a pleasant Tolkienesque passage of prose about journeys on the road, trips beneath the mountains, and being home again. Really, though, Sara and I spent more than 24 hours over four days on the highway and came back to the apartment which we left in a mess and now I am under a mountain of work. Jolly, jolly.

Anyway, today is pleasant, meaningful work on Blood of the Valiant all day, and then my D&D game tonight. Plus, today I get new brakes for my car and wistful musings on the quarter-century mark. This week will be the insane, sleepless period which makes next week seem easy. Easy, of course, because I am stupidly optimistic.

Oh. Before I forget, Zach and Jessie’s wedding: round Amish barn, beautiful vineyard, free wine tasting, enough (but not too much) liquor, sandy beaches, Lake Michigan, good burgers, and the very best people anyone could ever hope to call friends. Plus Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Atell and first season episodes of The West Wing courtesy of my friend’s roommate, TiVo. Games of Pueblo and Condotierre with Mike, Sara, and Nick. A fine weekend.

Now, back to work.
Noise: Last weekend’s episode of Car Talk.


August 19, 2003

Same Intersection, Different Days
A cherry-red pick-up with a storm of airbrushed yellow flames on the hood, driven by an orange-haired woman who clutches a doberman-colored chihuahua to her chest.

A wide, gray-brown 80s-model four-door sedan with couch-like seats, driven by a tan-brown bald man who feeds a parrot on his shoulder, I shit you not.


August 19, 2003

Written August 17th, 2003
Here’s something: I’m sitting by the wetlands at the Gleason cabin in very northern Wisconsin, typing my blog. It’s still, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful. The cabin is set a gorgeous little bend in these wetlands that stretch from one lake to another, so from the private pier all one sees is a span of green grasses bending away in both directions to a broad field of reeds and a background of evergreen trees. From there, I can’t see any of the other cabins which are known to be settled back into the woods somewhere. I can hear someone hammering off in the woods, across the water-fields, and occasionally a boat comes by with vacationers and a dog, but that’s about it. What a place. I do wish I had made it up to Michigan this year.

Which reminds me, I’ll be in Michigan next weekend, but not in the place where I usually go and not for a vacation. Next weekend is my friend Zach’s wedding, and I’ll be passing through Chicago on my to attend. Even more than I’m excited about the wedding stuff, I’m very anxious to the new girlfriend of my good friend Tony.

Sara and I just arrived here yesterday afternoon and today we’re leaving. Last night was a marvelous mess of food, alcohol, catching-up, and poker talk. Mike made what might be the best steak I’ve had in four-hundred days; really exquisite. A few of us went out to Dairy Queen for summer-type nonsensical quasi-food afterwards. When we got back, we found that the power was out at the cabin. (Hello, New York.) So we went ahead with our fire-making plans. This is where Wagner demonstrates that he is descened from Prometheus and creates fire, seemingly, by blowing once on a warm log. So, sitting by the fire soon becomes drinking beer around the fire, which becomes passing some honorably old bottle of some Mexican liquor around the fire, to passing a bottle of Jim Beam around the fire. I was, without a doubt, the least drunk person present. Much hilarity ensues as Mike all-but passes out on the pier and then knocks around in the kitchen to make Tony a bloody mary. Good times.

This morning — it’s 10am, now — I’m the only one up, and have been for more than an hour. I went out and drove around a little, saw some deer and a chipmunk, and now I’m back here typing my blog by the wetlands at the Gleason cabin in very northern Wisconsin. Tomorrow, it’s into overdrive at work and freelance. This afternoon, we see if the drive back can suck a little bit more than the drive here. Right now, I just sit here and wait for people to wake up.


August 14, 2003

Many thanks to everyone who’s written or commented on that last blog. Things are strange and unsettling right now, but not panic-inducing. It’s a great comfort to know, though, that folks are interested in my well-being. Once I can get some major projects off of my desk, I’ll be able to make easy work of the necessary transitions. Until then, I am very, very busy. Which is, of course, why I’m blogging.

Noise: Damien Jurado‘s Ghost of David


August 13, 2003

Thanks, But We’re All Stocked Up Here
Disney is producing a CG animated picture called Gnomeo and Juliet. That’s quite enough, thank you. Seriously, the world is now filled beyond capacity with Romeo and Juliet pun titles. Yes, Disney, I get it. They’re gnomes. Great. We’re done here.

The Week of Many and Varied Changes
Yesterday especially, but Monday, too, has already made this week a period of startling, unsettling, and even frightening changes to the status quo. Yes, I can discuss almost none of them, except to say that they’re happening at home, at work, at other people’s offices and homes, and everywhere else, I imagine. Sure I could be referring to the exile of national leaders (see Liberia) or the recall of state leaders (see California), but those are just the backdrop.

I guess what I’m saying is: me, me, me.