April 22, 2003

Damien Jurado has a new(ish) album out, as of March the 18th. I just found out about it this weekend when I stumbled upon it in a cozy little record shop with wonderful taste on Grand Ave. That’d be Eclipse Records, I believe. Anyway, the new album is very, very mellow but a really delightful little stretches of songs. Recommended.

Today, I found a nice used copy of Snatch on DVD, both discs, cheap. Wonderful, that. Now, however, I’m thinking in the rhythm of the British hoods from the aforementioned picture, which means I have an overwhelming desire to answer every question with a sarcastic reply question. I mean, it’s not as though I’m a bloody tea-drinking English mate, now is it? So, yes, I won’t be doing that anymore.

On Snatch‘s second disc, there’s a funny little easter egg that is among my favorite special features on DVD. On the main root menu of Disc 2, highlight the arrow on your screen, press “up” and then press “right,” I believe. An exclamation point in a diamond roadsign will appear. Press “select” or whatever your machine’s manufacturer has given you to press and enjoy the finest swearing and gunfire in contemporary British cinema (their words, not mine). It’s actually funnier, in my opinion, if you select “Yes” to the question they ask you, but only you can make these sorts of choices for yourself.

Noise: I thought I heard the new hamster running in her wheel a second ago.


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