March 30, 2003

As you can see, I’ve done some procrastinating today by tampering with the gist mill’s appearance. Here you have it. It’s actually not much different, but I think I like it. You?

In the last two days, I’ve seen Adaptation and Made. I should also mention that I saw these films in lieu of seeing The Two Towers again. Sara and I were going to go see it last night, but we watched the trailer at Apple’s terrific trailer site before we left and realized how much of the movie we’d have to sit through to see what we wanted: Rohan, especially the Golden Hall, and Gollum. Perhaps I’ll catch it again when it’s cheaper. No doubt I’ll purchase some ridiculous boxed version of it on DVD, then regret it, then watch it a thousand times anyway. Ah, DVD.

Right, so, two new reviews forthcoming, I suppose.

Noise: Globetrekker (formerly “Lonely Planet”) is on.


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