March 13, 2003

Lord of the Rings RPG
So I have a lot of experience with Decipher’s Star Trek RPG, but tonight I’ll be taking the Lord of the Rings game out for a test-spin. For all that it has obvious ties to d20, it’s has a certain narrative flexibility that’s admirable. At the same time, it’s this narrative flexibility that can lead to the game becoming unbalanced to the point of toppling over. The counterweight in this design, if you will, is the trust (not the assumption) that players will abide by the understood rules of storytelling in Middle-Earth. (This is the same approach they take with the Star Trek game; that game’s starship construction rules restrict you less than the understood rules of the fictional universe do. Nice.)

So, anyway, I’m excited. I’ve had this book since GenCon, and I’ve only played the game once, at Con of the North. Tonight, it’s hobbits, dwarves and two-headed trolls, boys and girls!

Music: Guster, “Got to Be Clean”


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