March 11, 2003

About A Boy
Right after I write about most movies being strictly either comedies or dramas, I have to bring up About A Boy. This movie’s funny, sad, sappy and mad in no particular order. It’s a terrific, meandering story that follows characters through their choices and interactions; it’s organic but unpredictable. I’ve been so entertained by Hugh Grant that I’ve almost been ashamed to admit it, so I’m delighted to have this movie in my defense. Sure, he’s funny, but he’s got a lot else to do here and he does it well. What’s more, he’s been cast as somebody other than Hugh Grant. (The obvious delight in Notting Hill being the time we get to spend feeling comfortable with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, because they’ve been cast basically as themselves.)

A good cast plays in a good story, sometimes cleverly photographed (sometimes just well-photographed), and it’s all very nicely put together. The movie takes us on a nice trip through a lot of time and emotional territory, without really dragging or straying too far. A simple, wonderful movie like this makes it hard for me to think critically during the show, and so I have very little I can really write here. I had a good time.


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