November 25, 2002

Overdue or Do Over?

A few little changes today, including the buttons on the left. With any luck, new movie reviews on the way for some new titles and some older titles. With the most pressing deadlines behind me and the upcoming holidays, I will hopefully get some time to write here again soon.

Until that time comes, I suppose I should offer you something to do. I recommend you check out BMW Films, where the supercool Clive Owen is back as “the Driver” in a trio of new short films sporting badass Bavarian motorworks doing some of the things they can but usually don’t do. Don Cheadle, F. Murray Abraham, Maury Chakin, Gary Oldman and James Brown co-star in these films by John Woo, John Carnahan and (eh) Tony Scott. If Clive Owen doesn’t get to play James Bond before he dies, there is no justice on Earth.

Until next time.


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