September 17, 2002

Robot vs. Pyramid

Finally, after sort of keeping track of the various efforts to send a robotic explorer into the mysterious soul-shafts of Khufu’s pyramid for a year or so, I got a chance to see the newest endeavour live on television last night. A specially-designed miniature robotic tank with a towed computer system slinked through a tiny corrider in the Great Pyramid and drilled a hole through ancient stone for a peek at the past. How cool is that?

What did they find? Well, I totally called it. A few inches of forbidden space unseen in thousands of years, and then more stone. Learn more at the National Geographic website. This is some of the coolest television the networks could offer me. Except for that lousy host-guy. Let Zahi talk, man! Zahi Hawass is the jolliest archaeologist I’ve ever seen. I love to see him work. What’s more, he’s on a council that actually has “Supreme” in the title.

(Please notice that I’ve tried to avoid the temptation of the internet publisher and have not made any jokes using the phrase “got the shaft.”)


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