September 6, 2002

Champagne on Your Blimp

I got to see a zeppelin get christened today. On television, but still … it’s something. It’s one a them GoodYear lighter-than-air dirigibles. The wonderful old couple with the old world accents talking to Al Roker about it (the owners of GoodYear?) called it a fucking “airship.” I have gone too many days without hearing the word “airship” used in real-life. Airships are where it’s at. In a good future, that’ll be the way we get around. No more rush, fuss, coach and vomiting babies when the Pope’s St. Louis visit is keeping you on the ground. Instead, we’ll drift gently (yet still speedily) over the globe, dining on nice, simple meals and stretching our legs while we travel. That’d be a good future.


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